Hello to a new collection and a new(ish) City


Woah! It has been a long while since I have blogged here. Many things have changed, not just once, but multiple times. I have moved between two countries and I am now in the process of setting up my company in Berlin, Germany.

In 2014 I moved to Kyiv (Kiev) in Ukraine and spent a year exploring this beautiful eastern European city. It was an interesting time, politically, but also a great inspiration to me. Whilst reminiscent of Moscow, the impact of its architecture was still beautiful. It inspired my first foray in to the homewares/interior accessories business. I released this first range as I was leaving Ukraine, spending two months in the UK and preparing for a move to Berlin – logistically this was a nightmare! In hindsight I couldn’t have launched it at a worse time, but hey, it is a lesson I won’t forget.

Having been in Berlin for a year and feeling much more settled. I have had the time to design a new range of homewares inspired by my time in Moscow, aptly named ‘The Moskva Collection’. Below you can have a sneak peek at the first products in the collection – cushions in a mix of impacting colours and monochromes. There is no set release date, but it will be soon.


I have also had time to rethink my brand and branding, and have spent a long time getting it just right; the results can be seen on this site. I hope you like it! Keep an eye out for more details in a future blog post.

I promise not to be away for so long again next time…